I’ve been busy with lampwork, and metalwork.  Lots of rings were mailed this week.  We have had an incredibly busy summer and now I am getting ready for some shows. These beads were sold on facebook.  My site is

If you watch, I list my lampwork bead sales and links on that page.

In other news, you can find rings in my Etsy shop!

Always always the spin rings are available made to order!   The larger rings?  I list them as I make them!

see you soon!


macrame   Macrame’ and my Lampwork Beads   macrame2J

From an old book written in the ’70’s.  I kept the book through all these years because I love the designs. It’s so fun to add my own lampwork beads!

June 2015

Lampwork Beads For Sale on Facebook is where I sell most of my beads. Here are some LARGE round beads. Kind of like planets. Great for Necklaces.


April 2015  

It’s a beautiful North Carolina Spring!  The part time job is taking more time that I would like, but there has been some studio time. Check out Lampwork Beads For Sale on Facebook to find some great beads for sale. I post there a few times a week and find it a better venue than Etsy, although Etsy is still ‘there’ and I have work listed.

On Etsy


A Penannular Pin.  I like it.  It’s A great pin for Handknits.  A design that was a utilitarian fastener from the Roman Age. (ahem…  safety pin)   Very clever.

This page shows how it works.

Also today on Lampwork Beads For Sale.

I do love making these trees.  :-)


February 2015

Busy busy busy!   We’ve done some travel.  My father, sister, husband and I went on a trip together and had a great time. AND.. we’ve been to see our daughter and her husband a few times to get ready for …..A NEW BABY!  hooray!  The little bundle of joy is due at the beginning of March. We’re so excited!

In the meantime. I’ve been posting beads on Lampwork Beads for Sale on Facebook.

Here is the latest! sat1

 December 2014

Where has the year gone?

Some good things.

*I won a Regional Artist Project Grant from North Carolina Arts and Science Council. Gaston County Arts Council.


It made a huge difference in my work and I am ever grateful. Some demos have been given and I am still happy to demo my work with recycled glass. Soon, there will be a video here on my website. Thank you NC Arts and Science Council!

A new oxygen concentrator!  Whew!  What a difference! I sold enough beads to buy this new source of oxygen for my torch. It’s a good amount of oxygen and it enabled me to set up a larger torch. It’s so much easier to work well with a good flame.

Good shows this year also. The last show was this past weekend in Michigan. Always fun to go to Michigan State University and not only sell to the crowds at this big show, but to also see friends who show up there. Many times a surprise to see a familiar face.

We’ve had some good travels to see family, from Minneapolis, to Michigan, to London (!), Chicago, and Florida. Who says being retired is relaxing?  haha

and that said…………

I started a part time job in January of this year. It really feels like full time. It is with the airline industry and it’s been very educational, fulfilling, and fun.  It’s also made me work harder at organizing my time. This month has been particularly crazy with art shows, work, and travel. I am looking forward to January, and as soon as I finish my ring orders, and bead orders it probably will be January. Haha

Happy Holidays everyone. I hope you get everything done you need to get done, enjoy your loved ones and give them big hugs. Hold them dear.


It was a great weekend in Richmond Virginia at Craftsmen’s Classics Art Show. Gilmore Shows do a great job of promoting. The crowd was fun, the decorations all Christmas although it is early November, it was nice for a show. We were encouraged to light up our booths, and I did with Christmas icicle lights. 

My tree bead pendants did well and it’s time to make more.

I remember winning tree drawing contests when I was a kid and these beads are just my very favorites to make. So it’s great to need more!


And it’s Sept 2014   

This Friday and Saturday is the Mount Holly Arts And Music Festival.  One of my favorite music groups, Coming Up Brass is playing Friday night in downtown Mount Holly.  I hope to be ready for the Art Show in the morning so there will be time to walk downtown and enjoy some music.  There is music all day on Saturday and all kinds of wonderful Art for Sale. I will have a booth also and hope to see you there.

I wonder if Sparky will walk downtown with us on Friday night.  He needs lots of exercise as he has all kind of energy and I’ve been busy with some travel for our son’s wedding, and now getting it together for the Art show on Saturday.

sparky  Sparky, our Rat Terrier, turned three years old this week.  He’s my ‘helper’  when I make jewelry.  I drop a bead and he runs to find it since he thinks it just ‘could be’  a tasty morsel.  I just follow Sparky and find the errant bead.  He also is very good at keeping chairs warm. ;-)

I will be doing a demo at 1 pm and 4 pm of lampwork bead making using recycled (upcycled) glass.  Thanks to a North Carolina Arts Regional Artist Grant, that I received this summer,  I have been able to work with recycled glass more and am learning all kinds of good things.  If it’s windy I won’t be able to work with the torch outside but hope it will all work out.

Recycled Cola Bottle

Recycled Cola Bottle

So come on down to our little town of Mount Holly this weekend.  It’s a great place to live and a great place to listen to Music, walk around and look at some Art, and get yourself a cup of coffee, a sandwich, a fresh orange-aide at Charlies Drugs.  Or stop over at Bright Star and get a super hamburger and milkshake.

See you there!

March 2014    Wow  it’s March?!!


What a great weekend I just had in Asheville at “Fire on the Mountains”, hosted by lampwork glass artists,Marjorie Langston and Terry Hale.  A group of more than 30 people worked on torches, melting glass into beads. I was happy to be a demonstrator and showed how to make custom sized glass cabochons for jewelry making. After finding bracelet parts for the demo, I brought them along and we made bracelets!

It’s always a great time with this wonderful group of people, although I haven’t been able to attend the retreat for several years.  What a treat to see everyone and play with hot glass!

October 2013

What happened to the time?  well….  We did some traveling!  A trip to Murano, in Italy, was one high point of the trip. Seeing glass beads, and beautiful blown glass objects was so exciting, as it has been a dream to visit.


I was lucky enough to buy a bell flower press at Carlo Dona tools.

Here’s an example of the bell flowers I have made.  They are so fun to make and it makes me remember the sunny day and the beautiful island of Murano.

flowers3   flowers2

I just sold these on Etsy.  Would add them here on my site, but am unable to add a shopping cart to this particular website. That said, If you would like some flowers and leaves, send me an email.   I’m glad to melt some glass for you in any color.

July 2013

I’ve been working on some silver pieces to add to my Etsy shop that has finished jewelry.  That is coming within the week. Hopefully!   In the meantime, there are some new pieces in my Etsy bead shop.

These smaller (one inch) lentil shapes to use for nifty pendants.  They look great for summer jewelry.  They can be silver wired or brass, or copper, to hang on a chain or leather cord.

cinnlentil          gaia          lentil3

These are all made with silvered glass, which is glass with….. silver in it.  It changes color as you manipulate the flame in the torch, and the blues start to show up.  The last is with a glass that’s hard to find, called silver cinnamon.

click on any of the above beads to go to my Etsy shop.


Another nice thing that happened this month is my stitched Healing Heart bead is featured in the June Soda Lime Times as a tutorial.  Soda Lime Times is a wonderful lampworking magazine that you can purchase and download on line.  I was lucky to be asked to write the tutorial and I hope you will try it.  It would be very nice to see some beads made by people who have purchased the tutorial!

If you aren’t a glass worker, the beads are always in my Etsy shop.  Click on the heart to see one that is available to purchase.  It could be yours!

Happy July!


So   After all kinds of issues, I had to change my web address from  to www.    In order to keep my original domain name, after too many problems renewing, it would cost $135 to keep it!   So……..   I hope you found me!   Ask me who not to buy your domain from.  :-0

At least now.  I can blog again and say hello to everyone!   More to come!!


coral1    bluflower   ivory     ivoryback

It’s time for hearts!   I love making hearts and when January rolls around, I start making them and listing them in my Etsy shop.  The back of each heart sports a hug and a kiss.  Thanks to my friend Sharon Driscoll who made that special stamp for me.

We have a local fundraiser for Hospice.   It’s called Have a Heart for Hospice.  It’s a great evening in Mount Holly, NC with wine tasting, and food pairing. Some of my hearts will be in the Silent Auction.

When making the hearts, I melt the glass and form it in the flame, shaping it with a knife– freeform, with no mold.  So each one is different.  Some are thinner and some are fatter.  Some have flowers and dots.  They are a great ‘canvas’ for decorations.

Take a look in my Etsy shop for hearts.  More will be listed until I run out of them, which will take a while, since I’m having all kinds of fun!

  Sept 30, 2012    Getting Ready for the Brushy Mountain Apple Festival  

click on the picture to see these beads in my Etsy shop!

I’m excited to be in the Brushy Mountain AppleFest.  It’s near Boone, about 90 minutes from here. The festival looks like it is full of fun vendors, crafts, and music.  What a bunch of fun! We’ve never spent much time in the area and are going to hike too.  It will be pretty in the mountains with the colors changing.  This week will be busy being sure things are ready for the booth, packing the car, and ourselves!  Sparky will have fun too since he’ll be at Pet Paradise, thanks to Groupon. Maybe he’ll take a dip in the dog swimming pool.

I’ve been working with a new ribbed bead roller.  Love the round beads, love the bright colors!  I have a large set done for a necklace that should prove to be pretty nifty.  I’m thinking of what to put inbetween the beads.  Silver?  Or little bright beads?  Or both?

Bead Embroidery    Sept 2012

This is almost a blast from the past.  Except I ‘semi’ finished this cuff yesterday. It’s not totally finished yet, needing the edge work done.   I used to do all kinds of bead embroidery, especially around pieces of fused glass.  Pins, pendants, and cuffs.  But life changes, and other interests in jewelry making came to the forefront.  Whenever I see a bead embroidered cuff, it just looks so beautiful.  I like the swirls one can create using the same color of bead to add a new dimension to the look of the bracelet.

This is a blast from the past for more than one reason.  It’s what I ‘used’ to do, ages ago,   it seems, and I started this piece probably 4 or 5 years ago. Once in a while I would work on it and every time I saw a bead embroidered cuff, I’d thinkof how beautiful they are, and of this one,  half finished in a little container.
Yesterday I decided to finish it.  Working on it, I remembered ‘why’ bead embroidery is so fun.  It is a ‘soothing’ activity.  It was raining outside, the dog was at my feet, and I stitched and planned the next cuff to make.  The next cuff will feature some of my lampwork discs.  Bright?  Earthy?  I don’t know yet.  But I do know there ‘is’ a next one. 

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