December 2014

Where has the year gone?

Some good things.

*I won an artist grant from North Carolina Regional Artists Grant Arts and Science Council.     asc

It made a huge difference in my work and I am ever grateful. Some demos have been given and I am still happy to demo my work with recycled glass. Soon, there will be a video here on my website. Thank you NC Arts and Science Council!

A new oxygen concentrator!  Whew!  What a difference!

Good shows this year also. The last show was this past weekend in Michigan. Always fun to go to Michigan State University and not only sell to the crowds at this big show, but to also see friends who show up there. Many times a surprise to see a familiar face.

We’ve had some good travels to see family, from Minneapolis, to Michigan, to London (!), Chicago, and Florida. Who says being retired is relaxing?  haha

and that said…………

I started a part time job in January of this year. It really feels like full time. It is with the airline industry and it’s been very educational, fulfilling, and fun.  It’s also made me work harder at organizing my time. This month has been particularly crazy with art shows, work, and travel.

Happy Holidays everyone. I hope you get everything done you need to get done, enjoy your loved ones and give them big hugs. Hold them dear.